Technical Safety Studies, Reviews & Development

International Oil Companies (IOCs) and top Nigerian energy companies have well established risk management process, capabilities to conduct technical safety studies and capabilities to develop technical documentations on facilities protection. Although, they often outsource these services sometimes due to resource shortages or time constraints. As new firms enter this industry, there is need to properly setup risk management process that will match industry standard. This process will provide a guide on the technical safety studies (iHAZID, PHA, LOPA etc.) that will be conducted during facilities design and technical documentations that will be generated (Design Safety Case, Operational Safety Case etc.). Our Technical Safety Studies, Reviews & Development services would help our clients (existing and new energy companies/service companies) fulfill this goal in a cost effective manner which include:

  • Fit-for-purpose enterprise-wide Risk management process development (including software for documentation, tracking and analysis)
  • Facilitation of technical safety studies and reviews (iHAZID, PHA, LOPA etc.) and development of reports
  • Development of Safety case and other technical safety documentations