Safety Performance Improvement Programmes

Over the past 100 years, the world of workplace safety has experienced dramatic improvements that have saved thousands of lives. During this period, we have seen safety management go through different developmental stages with different areas of focus, action logic, tools and measures of success. Initially, improvement in safety performance was driven by regulation, followed by management systems and then behavioural based safety systems in recent past. With all these, which most companies adopt, they have not been able to produce extra-ordinary safety performance of zero incident, hence the need to shift focus to values-based approach which will guarantee sustained extra-ordinary safety performance. This approach will be anchored on human and organizational performance development creating the right culture for effective integration of people, tools and processes.

Astel Risk & Safety Consulting is distinguished from competitors with the provision of this service in a fit-for-purpose manner. Our safety performance improvement programme is developed using cutting-edge technologies (in human sciences and engineering) to complement existing safety processes and systems of an establishment. The programme can be adapted to both projects and operations.