Automate your training using CLMI's latest software technology – ResourceNOW®!
ResourceNOW® is a web based online system that simplifies the distribution and deployment of safety content to a dispersed work organization. Managers, Supervisors and Trainers now have easy access to the safety program tools they need to effectively incorporate safety into their own business processes.

ResourceNOW® Features

ResourceNOW® combines access to streaming video, detailed program development tools, and training materials into one single easy-to-use web-based application, establishing a standard method for effectively addressing the safety needs of your organization.

1. Web Based System
ResourceNOW® is a web based online system that simplifies the distribution and deployment of training content to a dispersed work organization.

2. Robust Training Management Solution
It is a training management solution, not just an online training product. We assess your training program to know what can be moved online and what can be deployed face-to-face. The aim is to reduce the loss of productive hours as a result of assembling employees in classroom for hours or days presenting materials that can be deployed online.

3. Reduced Training Cost
It is meant to drive your training cost down by at least 50% and double your employees’ level of safety awareness.

4. Automated Learning Management
Learning management is fully automated - takes the stress of scheduling and tracking on spreadsheets away from you.

5. Pre-loaded Safety Courses
Over 3,000 documents and 94 computer based programs that can be modified for your company’s training needs.

6. Load Your Own Content
Comes with the flexibility of creating your own training contents. ResourceNOW® accepts video files, Office Documents, PDF files.

7. Enterprise-wide Compliance Training
ResourceNOW® can be used to deploy and track Enterprise-wide Compliance training.

8. End-of-Course Evaluation
Comes with End-of-Course Evaluation. Companies can modify, create and set pass criteria for the evaluation questions.

9. Conduct Classroom Training
You can use the system resources to conduct classroom training. Your instructors have instant access to videos and PowerPoint® presentations for use in classroom-style training. With the LMS you can assign your supervisors and trainers to conduct the training and monitor completion progress

10. Support for SCORM-based Courseware
Add your own authored SCORM programs.

11. Mobile App for easy access for employees

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