1.    Poor enforcement of the Factory Act and inadequacies in its provisions

Is there a health and safety legislation in Nigeria? Is health and safety regulated in Nigeria? Do we have health and safety laws here in Nigeria? – Here are some of the questions you get from people when workplace health and safety is discussed, especially during training sessions. And here are some answers often provided – No; not really; yes but not enforced; we have factories act that covers factories, but no general health and safety act.

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Creating substantial employment and generating revenue for the government -
By Chukwuka Igbokwe, CSP, CMIOSH



The National Assembly in 2012 passed a bill on Occupational Safety and Health that was meant to repeal and re-enact the Factory Act Cap. F1 L.F.N 2004 and establish a national body that would make regulations to improve workplace health and safety practices in Nigeria. Immediately after this legislative milestone,there was great anticipation that thepoor safety records and perpertual safety negligence in most of our workplaces will begin to turn around. But sadly this hasn’t been the case as the bill is yet to become a law that will drive the needed improvements in occupational health, safety and welfare. As we continue to wait for the big bang response to occupational safety, the heart-breaking reality is that there is a very long queue of Nigerian workers waiting to be disabled or fatally injured in our abysmal workplaces.

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